What is
Lebanese cuisine

Amon has been in the food business for a decade now and it was established out of love for Lebanese food and culture.
It is committed to make each dining experience a memorable one for every guest.

Our restaurant provides guests with food at accommodating and pocket-friendly prices.
Our staff and crew are warm and attentive, providing quality service for everyone.

We encourage every guest to relax and enjoy the ambiance, and to try every dish.\

With a variety of foodchoices in our menu that – we’re proud to say – is all ‘hand-made’, guests can choose from grilled to salads such as;

  • Grilled barbecue (lamb chops, Lebanese kofta and steak)

  • Seafood (grilled scampi-brochette with a white wine sauce)

  • Vegetarian (Falafel dish, Vegetarian tajin, combi vegetarian, okra)

  • Oven tajins (Shoarma tajins, chicken tajins, Lebanese tajins)

  • Grill (Shoarma & chicken)

  • Extras (hummus, Moutabal, taboule) and much more

We have also menus special for children which is undeniably their favorite (hamburger, shoarma and chicken filet).
What’s more exciting and appetizing is that you get to see a glimpse of how the food is being prepared through the ‘open kitchen’.
Amon is not just an ordinary restaurant but it bridges the gap between different races and nationalities and falls into one common connection and that is "the love for food”.
The next time you want to try some of the best Lebanese-Mediterranean with a Belgian touch cuisine in Bruges, look no further than the Amon restaurant.